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1. What type of incentives does U.S. Green Data offer?

U.S. Green Data offers the nation's most extensive and up-to-date database of energy- related incentives established by federal, state, and local governments, utilities and some NGOs. Our incentives include renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives and USGD's database has over 2600 unique incentives spanning over 39,000 zip codes in the U.S.

2. What does U.S. Green Data's database offer users?

We help firms save millions of dollars by accessing, sorting, analyzing, managing, and applying for free energy money. Our database allows users to search incentives by state and zip code, sector and technology. We provide an easy-to-use management tool that helps all types of firms realize maximum energy savings. We also offer detailed, customized reports and analysis of free energy-related funding for your firm, and our Incentaview tool placed directly on your website allows customers to easily search incentives that apply to your products on your website.

3. Who uses U.S. Green Data products?

Everyone. Our products are designed for developers, retrofitters, construction companies, Fortune 1000 companies, law firms, accounting firms, retailers, consultancies, and many more. Our customers seek accurate, up-to-date information on energy-related incentives to drive sales, reduce costs, and maximize their bottom lines.

4. How often does U.S. Green Data update its database?

U.S. Green Data prides itself on being able to provide the highest quality information and data available on the market. As such, we ensure that our databases are always as current and complete as possible by updating them every day at 3:00am.

5. Can U.S. Green Data customize its products to fit my specific needs?

Yes, at U.S. Green Data we will work to deliver the right kind of product that fits and fulfills your firm's needs. Contact us, and we will customize our existing product or develop an original product just for you.

6. Is there a demo version of U.S. Green Data products?

Yes, call us to schedule a demo tutorial. We'll have a highly skilled team member walk you through our products.

7. Once I purchase the Sales Force Optimizer, where do I go to use it?

Once you purchase the Sales Force Optimizer, you may log in from any page on the U.S. Green Data website with your Username and Password.

8. What is the difference between the Sales Force Optimizer and the Incentaview?

The Sales Force Optimizer grants you instant access to all the available incentives, rebates, and tax credits important to your business. With the click of a button, you can view all relevant energy incentives for any property, optimize your sales quotes, and easily manage green incentives data on thousands of properties. The Incentaview is a fully customizable search tool installed on your website that allows your customers to access incentives and rebates relevant to your products. Increase sales and attract customers by providing them with instant information about how they can save money by buying your product.

9. Who is the target audience of and how does my firm benefit from U.S. Green Data Greenalytics reports?

U.S. Green Data's Greenalytics reports are fully customizable reports on all incentives, rebates, tax credits, and policies for any location, down to a specific address, in any property portfolio. Our reports instantly produce detailed, reliable, reports on and analysis of free energy-related funding, including the type of incentive, the sector type, and the type of technology. Our reports may be presented to CEO's, analysts, consultants, and internal operations managers. Slash in-house research costs, reduce the need for outside consultants, and access detailed analysis enhanced with state of the art graphics.

10. How are U.S. Green Data products priced?

Our products are available on the basis of an annual subscription, the price of which is determined by a number of factors, including the quantity of data, the type of technology, and the geographical region requested.