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Responding to President Obama's Call to Action, U.S. Green Data, Nation's Most Comprehensive Database of Energy Incentives, Joins Green Button Initiative

Thursday, June 7, 2012

U.S. Green Data, Nation's Most Comprehensive Database of Energy Incentives, Joins the White House-inspired, Industry-led Green Button Initiative

Using U.S. Green Data's innovative platform and Green Button data, homeowners and businesses will soon be able to instantly see energy savings and nationwide energy incentives for every building in America. U.S. Green Data, a leading data provider and aggregator of energy incentives across the U.S., announced today that it has joined the White House-inspired, industry-led Green Button Initiative. The technical standard behind Green Button was developed by industry and facilitated by a public-private partnership--the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP). Based on existing commitments made by private industry, the Green Button will soon cover 22 utilities and electricity suppliers, 31 million households, and over 20% of U.S. homes.

"By integrating Green Button data into our current platform, we are able to instantly provide homeowners and businesses the exact dollar amount and energy efficiency ratio they can save. Americans can finally feel confident as they weigh their options of going 'Green' by knowing the exact incentives they are entitled to, and as a result they are investing in sustainable improvements more than ever before. Coupled with our proprietary database composed of all U.S. incentives, we can help homeowners and businesses access huge savings immediately—all while going green," said Jonathan Doochin, CEO of U.S. Green Data.

U.S. Green Data has the largest, most up-to-date, and easiest to navigate database. It contains tens of thousands of energy incentives across the United States; including federal, state, city, utility, manufacturer, and numerous other entities. Through U.S. Green Data's user-friendly interfaces, companies and homeowners can instantly view all incentives that apply to a specific address, and their savings can range from a few thousand dollars per home to a couple million per business. Using advanced algorithms and a team of energy policy experts previously from the U.S. DOE, as well as leaders of large national nonprofits and private enterprises, U.S. Green Data provides highly accurate and machine-readable granular data that can be swiftly plugged into any financial model (solar, wind, lighting, etc.) to identify the return on investment of decisions at one or even thousands of locations simultaneously.

In addition, U.S. Green Data provides a low-cost and quick solution to identify and harness all energy incentives for large multi-property real estate portfolios as they prepare to do retrofit initiatives, or even as a daily solution for replacing equipment during routine maintenance. U.S. Green Data helps retailers identify all incentives applicable to their products, which then acts like a coupon that increases sales while saving customers money when they make conscientious green choices. U.S. Green Data's interfaces are easily deployable to utilities and cities to provide a one-stop-shop for homeowners and business to save while going green. Moving forward, U.S. Green Data is in the midst of developing an Efficient Shopper application for smart phones which incorporates Green Button data. The application will allow customers to identify the money and energy savings easily for green products while doing their shopping for anything from washers to blenders.

"Green Button data changes the game. Through Green Button, U.S. Green Data will be able to provide highly precise energy savings opportunities for every commercial building and residence instantly. Using Green Button, U.S. Green Data can better help companies identify rebates across their building portfolios and as a result we are driving significant revenue towards retail outlets for being green," said Jeremy Doochin, President of U.S. Green Data.

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